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Here we are, four months since the last major stage in Sehwan, and the world would have thought that these would be the last thoughts on the tragedy, if it were not for the tragic incidents of Chitral, Kalash Valley and Swat.

River Canal Watch

A friend of mine just drove by this sight, and said: “The only thing that can be better is if the Delta was flooded!” In answer, I told him the best thing about the river is the way it carries it’s freight, and how it unspools like a curtain that you are compelled to look at.

River Side Village

On the River side of the Village, trees and roots have given way, ruining a large area, with large rocks surrounding the river bed. The ground is saturated, and the river has turned into a small river. River bed rocks from the side are now part of the river, which is over a meter deep

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Who better than the longshoreman to know whether an individual who is loitering near a restricted area while video taping, taking photos, or making sketches is out of place and does not belong there

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Who better than the families living along our shoreline to recognize when the behavior of visitors in and around their community is not consistent with what usually takes place in the neighborhood?

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Coast Guard staff, as well as members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, distribute material such as informational brochures, boat decals, and reporting forms in the course of conducting Vessel Safety Checks and Public Education Safe Boating Courses. In addition, brochures and posters are distributed to marine dealers, marinas and other commercial business located near waterways.

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It is not the intent of America’s Waterway Watch to spread paranoia or to encourage spying on one another, and it is not a surveillance program. Instead, it is a simple deterrent to potential terrorist activity. The purpose of America’s Waterway Watch is to allow you and your fellow Americans who work and spend their leisure time on the waterways and waterfront to assist the federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies by being ever vigilant in recognizing possible threats and crimes on and around our waterways.