America’s Waterway Watch¬†promotes public awareness and involvement in Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and MaritimeHomeland Security (MHLS) activities

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), is “The effective understanding of anything in the marine environment that could adversely affect America’s security, safety, economy, or environment,.” and is more fully described by the Coast Guard’s Commandant in ALCOAST 160/04.(Hyperlink to follow. . .)

Maritime Domain Awareness is the Coast Guard’s overarching maritime security program, and is guided by the recently established Maritime Domain Awareness Directorate. The Directorate coordinates its activities with other DHS agencies and with key outside agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Navy, so there is an effective, cohesive and seamless MDA system for the nation.

Maritime Domain Awareness is also supported by America’s Waterway Watch, as well as other Coast Guard programs, operations and initiatives.